US Navy contract funds advanced modeling simulations for FSU researchers

Thursday 09/09/2021

The US Navy is currently developing a strategy to create an inclusive digital engineering paradigm using simulation-based testing. FSU’s Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) recently received a $31 million contract to work towards a solution. This is possible thanks to the ongoing partnership and support of ITS through ITAPP–the Information Technology Administration Partnership Program. Through this program, ITS staff focuses on infrastructure and technological maintenance so the researchers can hone in on improving the power systems and computer simulations.

“They understand our needs and maintain the system and keep it running.” – Michael “Mischa” Steurer, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering Research Faculty III

Simulations are an important focus of the Navy right now as it becomes more crucial to accomplish projects at a faster time scale. CAPS is forming simulations along with researching and developing issues associated with energy systems and shipboard electrical power. The advanced modeling simulation capabilities developed by FSU researchers provide insight to system behavior and mitigate risks aboard Navy ships. Designing incredibly complex computer systems, such as the systems required for Navy ships, can benefit heavily from simulations.

“The advancement of computer simulation techniques and capabilities, paired with the ever-increasing pressure to design something faster with lower risk and more flexibility for future upgrades, requires modeling and simulation,” states principal investigator Michael “Mischa” Steurer.

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