A Technology Empire: The Innovation Hub

Thursday 09/05/2019

In a place where technology and design are one in the same, the Innovation Hub has been granted funding from FSU Student Technology Fees to support creative solutions to technical projects.

Student Tech Fee funds have been allocated towards 3D printing, new laptops and monitors, and the Hub also features virtual reality, circuit boards, design software and much more- free for FSU students. Partnering with 16 departments at FSU, the Hub’s interdisciplinary methods generate a dynamic center for creation. Innovation Hub Director Ken Baldauf describes how vital technology and design thinking have become towards solving world issues. “New problems that we face as a human race really require more powerful technologies to provide solutions.”

The goal of the Hub is to focus on providing undergraduate students with opportunities to start investigating technology. One specialty of the Hub is 3D design, from physical manufacturing with 3D printers and robots to designing in virtual reality. Other happenings at the Hub include hack-a-thons, laser cutting, classes for credits and free courses.

Dan Frances, a senior in social entrepreneurship, explains how the Hub gives him freedom to explore ideas in and outside the classroom. “On top of being a gathering place, you can use the technology as leverage to either create products or even just help with classes. Not to mention that you can play with VR.” For students, the Innovation Hub is a resource for technology, but above all, an environment for collaborative learning.

About Student Technology Fee

The Student Technology Fee—included in student tuition each semester—funds millions of dollars of instructional technology at FSU every year. The fee strategically divides funds among university colleges, central IT organizations and instructional technology proposals to support innovative and critical technology projects. its.fsu.edu/student-technology-fee