Tech Talk Takeaways: Zoom Web Conferencing

Friday 03/13/2020

ITS hosts a monthly Tech Talk on different technology-driven topics affecting FSU. February’s topic focused on the best methods of utilizing the web conferencing tool Zoom. All FSU faculty, staff and students have access to Zoom by signing in with their FSUID and password at While Zoom has a million and one uses and tricks, ITS narrowed it down to the top five things you need to know to become a Zoom expert.

  1. Utilize the Zoom desktop client or download the Zoom app

Zoom goes where you go. Go to or download the Zoom app available in the Google Play and Apple App Store. Don’t worry if a participant doesn’t have a Zoom account; all they need to do is to click the link in an individual meeting invite.

  1. Utilize Zoom extra features

Create in-feed chats and polls to keep in contact, ask and answer questions during a meeting or presentation, blur your surroundings or pick any image of your choosing to be your background … these are just some of the fun extra features Zoom offers.

  1. Preset and save your meeting settings

ITS recommends you create pre-set meeting settings and use them each time you set up a meeting: mute participants upon entry, record meeting automatically in the cloud, utilize a meeting password, have the host’s video automatically activated. It may seem like a simple step, but having pre-sets makes getting a meeting started so much easier on everyone involved.  

  1. Enable join before the host or set an alternate host

Other features you can activate while setting up a Zoom meeting are to create a waiting room or enable participants to join before the host sets an alternate meeting host. This takes some of the pressure off the meeting host to be the first or the last one in the Zoom meeting. Everyone involved can check-in and be ready and waiting for the meeting to officially start.

  1. Test drive before you go

Making sure everything is in working order is so important when you have a meeting or teach through an online platform. By doing a test run, you can familiarize yourself with Zoom’s setting, tools and work out any kinks before getting people involved. Visit to get started.

Want to learn more about Zoom? Stream the Tech Talk video.