Teamwork revolutionized with Microsoft Teams

Tuesday 05/15/2018

Want to save time and increase productivity in the workplace? We thought so! Information Technology Services now offers Microsoft Teams, a new collaboration tool in Office 365. Microsoft Teams is available to all FSU employees and includes several new features to boost your team’s efficiency.

What does Microsoft Teams do?
Microsoft Teams combines other Office 365 applications in one location to provide a shared, secure work space for you and your team. Applications including SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, PowerBl and more will be accessible in one window, so you can quit jumping from screen to screen while working on a project. With shared documents and conversations, editing occurs seamlessly and file sharing is easier than ever. Microsoft Teams also offers an innovative chat interface that allows you to arrange conversations by channel to keep the entire team connected.

How can Microsoft Teams help me?
Microsoft Teams is an innovative, customizable resource that will be useful to departments across campus. A few departments have already piloted the service with great success. Grady Powell, IT Support Specialist in the Office of Information and Instruction Technology, says, “I enjoy Teams as it combines all the benefits and experiences of Microsoft products into a customizable package that improves communication and collaboration within our department. Additionally, having Office365 apps within Teams allows me to stay on task with larger projects and event planning while also staying on time with daily to-do’s and action items.”

Ready to give it a shot?
For more information on how to access Microsoft Teams, visit the Microsoft Teams page. Then, watch the Microsoft Teams training videos to familiarize yourself with the tool. Final step … start collaborating!

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