Survey Asks Students What They Want from ITS

Thursday 06/05/2014

The following research was compiled during the springs of 2013 and 2014 from focus groups with Florida State University student groups and an online survey distributed to FSU students.

Overall, students consider Information Technology Systems (ITS) services very important to student life at Florida State University. The majority of students are neutral or somewhat satisfied with ITS products and services, but don’t feel as though they receive adequate ITS training.

Students are unfamiliar with central ITS and the services it offers. In general, students would like to see a stronger and more personable ITS presence on campus. The most common words used to describe ITS include computer, technology, Blackboard and helpful/help. Other perceptions of ITS identify the department with the words slow, efficient, support and assistance.

Most students do not feel informed about ITS services and projects, although familiarity with ITS does increase slightly with class standing. Students want to know what ITS services are available and how they will benefit from using the services. Students are also interested in receiving more information about free and discounted services. Short, visually appealing messages are preferred by students. Email and Blackboard messages are the best ways for students to receive university updates, but students recommend switching up communications to catch their attention.

Select ITS services are underutilized by students. Students would use ITS services more if they knew about them or had a specific need for them. The three most frequently used ITS services are myFSU email, Wi-Fi and myFSU Mobile. Overall, about half of students consider ITS services valuable, high-quality and continuously improved. In regards to Wi-Fi, students would most like to see expanded coverage on Landis Green and in HCB, residence halls and the stadium.

When students have a technology-related question, they are more likely to get help from a personal contact or the ITS website than the ITS Service Desk. Overall satisfaction with ITS is related to experiences with the ITS Service Desk.

Overall, the most common suggestions for improvements to ITS are to expand Wi-Fi and increase ITS communications and advertising. Students would also like to see more discounted ITS services, more training opportunities, increased ITS availability and improvements to the myFSU and Blackboard systems.

Statistical analysis concludes that there are slight differences in perceptions of ITS depending on a student’s class standing. Generally, all students have similar perceptions of overall ITS importance and satisfaction, but upperclassmen are more likely to feel informed and familiar with ITS and its services.

The results gathered from the ITS perception study will be used to design an integrated marketing communications plan for ITS outreach at Florida State University.


If you have questions regarding this survey or would like to talk more in depth on any of the topics presented, please contact IT Marketing Communications Manager Megan Del Debbio at