Streamlining Access with eORR

Monday 07/25/2011

In a continuing effort to improve internal security, accountability, and access controls within FSU’s student administrative computer applications, ITS implemented a new procedure for managing NWRDC accounts and access to FSUID applications as of July 1, 2011. The old process to request or remove an account at NWRDC required the submission of one or more online forms. Similarly, the FSU identity management applications also required a hard copy form. Now requests for a NWRDC account and requests for FSU identity management applications have been streamlined via eORR, OMNI's electronic online role request process. Once an account has been established, additional application security requests can be submitted directly to the application security managers using the online Access Request Forms. Also available at this link are instructions and additional information about the new procedure and using eORR. ITS anticipates adding roles for managing application-specific security in the near future.

There are several advantages to using eORR. First, there is an electronic log of all requests and approvals as well as OMNI queries to provide visibility about employee application access. Second, when a new employee comes on board, you request these roles as you would other security roles. Third, establishing a NWRDC account and access to FSUID applications are driven by email with electronic signatures and approvals instead of faxed paper forms, which reduces wait times and improves accuracy.

Feel free to contact the ITS Application Security team ( if you have any questions.