Outlook’s scheduling tools make meeting planning a breeze

Tuesday 06/26/2018

Ever spent more time deciding when to meet than actually meeting? Outlook for Windows, Mac or Web offers two handy-dandy tools to help you solve the problem. Scheduling Assistant allows you to add team members (and room locations!) to a meeting invite, then check everyone’s Outlook calendars to see available time slots. As a built-in feature, you can use Scheduling Assistant to browse available rooms and time slots with the click of a button. A second tool, FindTime, is an add-in that allows you to poll invitees—inside or outside the university—to determine the best time to schedule a meeting. Similar to Doodle, FindTime lets you propose selected meeting times to a group and have everyone vote on the best time before sending out the meeting invite. So stop playing email tag. Try one of these helpful tools to schedule your next meeting.