NVivo Pro software available to support university research

Monday 10/29/2018

Working on publishing your research? Needing to back up your thesis with evidence-based findings? NVivo is the tool for you.

The qualitative and mixed-methods data analysis software is now available to support student and faculty research at FSU.

And when it comes to research analysis, NVivo’s the gold standard. Used by academics and professional researchers worldwide, NVivo allows you to visualize your research, explore patterns and identify trends. It also seamlessly integrates with other research tools already available at FSU—import survey data directly from Qualtrics, save files to SPSS for further analysis—and conquer your research like never before.

Now, thanks to Student Technology Fee funding, NVivo Pro is available at no cost to FSU students, faculty and departments. It can be easily installed on personal and lab computers via the ITS Software Store, giving you unlimited access to the latest-available version. Each download is good for one academic year and can be reactivated each fall on or after August 1 if needed.

To download and install NVivo, visit the ITS Software Store.