New web conferencing services available

Tuesday 11/06/2018

Tired of the hassle of traveling to meetings? Not sure how to provide training to remote employees? Check out the new web conferencing solutions for online meetings, training and webinars.

The new web conferencing service gives you the ability to schedule and host meetings on-the-fly, so there’s no need to reserve a date or conference line for your meeting in advance. Plus, you can stay in the loop even if you’re out of the office. With web conferencing, you can meet with colleagues and attend webinars regardless of your location using a Mac, PC or mobile device. Web conferencing uses the technology on your device to provide high quality audio and video. No special equipment required!

How much will it cost?

Web conferencing is offered at a flat rate for each month it’s used. Whether you make three calls or 30 calls, you’ll pay the same rate of $40/month. If a month passes and web conferencing is not used, you won’t be charged at all.

How do I start using web conferencing?

If you’re interested in the new web conferencing solutions, check out the web conferencing webpage to see if the service fits your needs. Then, submit an order to sign up.