New desktop backup solution protects university files

Thursday 07/23/2015

If your computer crashed today, what would you lose?

Luckily, Information Technology Services (ITS) offers desktop backup, a worry-free, cloud-based storage system that backs up important files for safekeeping. The service is available by for purchase by all Florida State University departments for university computers.

With desktop backup, you can sleep easy knowing that files are safe. Once set up, desktop backup automatically runs in the background and saves copies of important files. If your computer crashes or you accidentally delete a file (we’ve all done it), it is easy to restore lost data. Always-available, cloud storage enables data to be recovered from anywhere on any device.

While some departments may already have a method for storing shared documents, desktop backup goes one step further, backing up documents and applications on shared drives, desktops and various other computer locations. The new service provides unlimited storage for backing up university workstations—offering a reliable way to protect university data—and is available for purchase by university departments at a low annual cost per user.

To request a license for a university computer, please work with your department IT or budget manager or submit an order for Software Licensing.

In addition, Florida State University students, faculty and staff receive 2GB of free desktop backup storage plus 20% off their initial order of additional storage for personal devices when they order the service on the Mozy website and use the promo code: FSU20.

To learn more, visit the ITS desktop backup Web page.