Multi-Step Verification Boosts Security at FSU

Wednesday 06/15/2016

Employees at Florida State University now need multiple items—their password and their phone or mobile device—to access select pages in OMNI HR and Student Central. This additional layer of security, known as multi-step verification or multi-factor authentication, requires users to verify their identity in more than one way before they can access sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers.

In light of numerous phishing attacks, Information Technology Services (ITS) implemented multi-step verification as a way to tighten security. Sure, we all have passwords. But what if someone steals your password? Anyone could access your accounts! That’s where multi-step verification comes in. Multi-step verification adds an additional level of protection to university data, making it less likely that someone else can access your information, even if they’ve stolen your password.

Multi-step verification is easy to use. When you try to access a protected page within OMNI HR or Student Central, you will be asked to verify your identity in one of three ways: phone call, passcode or Duo Push (recommended). Simply select one of the options, and you will receive a verification message that grants you access to the protected pages.

To start using multi-step verification, follow the steps on the ITS multi-step verification webpage.