Make the switch from FSUGuest to FSUSecure

Monday 10/25/2021

To increase the security of data accessed on the university’s wireless networks, FSU Information Technology Services (ITS) is announcing the discontinuation of the FSUGuest Wi-Fi network for FSU students, faculty and staff effective December 15, 2021. But don’t wait until then to make the change! Sign in to the FSUSecure network now with your FSUID and password and the network will automatically save your data for each future login. 

Starting December 15, FSUIDs will no longer be accepted on FSUGuest, and current students and employees will be required to sign in to the FSUSecure network. Guests will still have the ability to use the FSUGuest network by successfully registering their phone number with ITS.  

The transition from FSUGuest to FSUSecure is for the safety of FSU users. The original FSUGuest network is unencrypted, is subject to eavesdropping and does not grant access to the internal FSU network. In contrast, FSUSecure is a secure, encrypted network which provides access to internal resources on the FSU network. The use of FSUSecure also allows ITS to understand which services users are accessing and helps streamline the process for troubleshooting and reporting. 

We look forward to seeing you on FSUSecure soon!