Live Mesh and Messenger Being Retired

Tuesday 02/05/2013

SkyDrive for Live Mesh customers

 Windows Live Mesh will be retired on February 13, 2013. After this date, remote desktop and peer-to-peer syncing will stop working. The folders you synced to online storage for Mesh, called “Mesh synced storage” or “SkyDrive synced storage,” will no longer be available through Mesh or, but copies on your computer will remain unaffected.

Windows Live Mesh will be replaced with SkyDrive, which you can now use to sync files between computers (PC and Mac) and access files remotely. SkyDrive is also available on more devices, including iPhone and Android, and lets you do more with your files on the web.

Before February 13, 2013, make sure you save all the Mesh files you synced online. If you're still syncing the files between your computer and Mesh online storage, the latest versions should already be on your computer. But if you stopped syncing them on your computer, or if you uninstalled Mesh, follow these steps to access your files:


Skype for Live Messenger customers

Live messenger will be retired on March 15, 2013, and be replaced with Skype.  You will now be able to use Skype for instant message and video chat.  When you update to Skype your contact list and the IM feature will be available.  To upgrade to Skype and learn more about this service, visit