Laptop scavenger hunt tests cybersecurity skills at FSU

Monday 10/02/2017

Is your digital life protected … or is it exposed?

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and a new game at Florida State University will have students and employees thinking twice about the risks of leaving their digital life unsecured. The game—a scavenger hunt—challenges individuals to find abandoned laptops hidden around main campus. For each laptop found, the player enters a unique code on a website and is presented with a cybersecurity question. Answer correctly, and the player earns an entry into a prize drawing for an HP ProBook laptop.

The scavenger hunt, which runs October 11-18, puts an amusing spin on cybersecurity by gamifying the risks of leaving personal information exposed and encouraging individuals to take control of their digital lives.

Throughout October, Information Technology Services (ITS) is also sponsoring several lunch and learn sessions to focus on detecting phishing scams and disaster recovery tactics.

To play the laptop scavenger hunt or find out about other cybersecurity events, visit the ITS website: