ITS plans for the future with new strategic plan

Thursday 10/01/2020

The three consistent themes of the annual ITS town hall meeting were resilience, recognition and reconnection.

The meeting kicked off with a look back at the past year since the 2019 ITS Voice of the Community (VOC) campaign. In response to that report, numerous initiatives occurred to improve the FSU community’s interactions with campus technology, including:

  • Launching IT Pro Pass procedure which allows IT professionals to bypass tier 1 troubleshooting for quicker, more specialized support
  • Releasing an improved myFSU Service Center that corresponds with an updated ITS Service Catalog for continuity of support process
  • Streamlining technical requirements for the COVID-19 multi-department response to mitigate the spread of the virus
  • Planning mini VOC campaign for Fall 2020 focused on cybersecurity

In addition, the VOC campaign kicked off the ITS strategic planning process.

“The VOC helped us crystalize what we wanted to work on, what the community wanted from us and where we were,” stated Jane Livingston, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “One of the things that’s important when you’re navigating is to know where you are today so you can get where you want to go.”

At the meeting, ITS released a 3-5-year strategic plan to provide a vision for ITS. The plan focuses on six ITS priorities that will guide the direction and culture of ITS. In the year ahead, ITS will explore specific tactics to collectively move us toward our five-year goal, including:

  • Partner with campus units to improve user satisfaction and management of IT resources
  • Advance ITS presence and reputation through revision of communications platform
  • Expand and improve ITS research techniques, capabilities and services
  • Advocate for an effective governance model
  • Create and promote professional development opportunities for ITS staff

While there is palpable excitement for the work that will be done, ITS leadership stressed the importance of work-life balance during this virtual work period and the continued focus on what is within our individual control.

“Take care. Be kind to yourself and your people. Stay safe. Stay well,” closed Jane Livingston.

View the town hall presentation on the ITS website.