An inside look into ITS’ newest fall interns 

Tuesday 09/21/2021

Coming into the 2021-2022 school year, FSU ITS introduced a new and exciting program for its interns. For the first time, ITS created an InternFSU cohort which gives interns the opportunity to interact and network with each other in a variety of different capacities. The cohort, led by ITS User Experience Researcher and Data Analyst Sara Mischler, consists of 13 interns representing 10 different ITS teams ranging from business applications and collaborative services to marketing communications. These 10 teams feature: Business Applications- Caylen Williams and Anna Piedrahita; Collaborative Services- Kendrick Ellis; Fiscal Operations- Nina Rosso; Information Security- Allison Muckerman; Marketing and Communications- Emily Krna and Jordyn Dees; Network- Keniel Florenciani; Research Computing Center- Tarah Jean and Julia Hoffman; Salesforce- Victor Zorrilla and Valeria Zuniga and User Experience- Drew Wagner. ITS allows each intern to explore their own distinct interests and potential career paths as part of the cohort. 

Sara Mischler shared that the goal of the cohort is to “give 13 students an environment to learn from each other.” This can be seen through the creation of an ITS Intern GroupMe and email chain. By using social media to communicate, interns can easily ask each other questions and assist one another with different projects they have been assigned. 

Along with their individual work, Mischler has tasked interns with an end-of-semester PowerPoint presentation. With the PowerPoint, interns will provide insight on their internship experience, how they have contributed to both the ITS and FSU mission and how the experience benefitted their future career goal. Each intern will also share examples of work they completed this semester. For Mischler, the goal of the project is to “make ITS more accessible, and if something sparks an intern’s interest, then they can apply for that program in the future.” 

FSU ITS is excited to see how the cohort’s first semester goes. If you are a current student looking to join next semester, keep an eye on out for InternFU applications on NoleNetwork in late Fall 2021.