How to store important Zoom recordings

Friday 01/29/2021

Zoom cloud storage at FSU recently changed to a 120-day storage cycle. This means recordings will be saved in the Zoom cloud for a maximum of 120 days. If you have Zoom recordings you would like to keep, ITS has a few recommendations for storing your recordings for continual access.  

Transfer Zoom Lecture Recordings to Kaltura

Kaltura is best for saving Zoom recordings when students need to access lecture recordings, for example, if they received an incomplete in your class. Recordings uploaded to Kaltura can be shared with your students by creating a Canvas page in your course to contain the videos and adding that page to your course module. If you have a Canvas site already set up, Kaltura should automatically back up your recordings. Just double-check your Kaltura My Media page to ensure your Zoom recordings were transferred successfully to Kaltura.  

Transfer Zoom Recordings to OneDrive  

OneDrive is a good backup solution for recordings that don’t necessarily need to be shared. Depending on the web browser you use, you can upload files up to 100GB per file to OneDrive, which offers unlimited storage. For more information on uploading files to OneDrive visit upload photos and files to OneDrive.