FSU’s transition to a new contact center

Monday 04/12/2021

One year after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the FSU campus and forced students, faculty and staff to learn and work from home, Information Technology Services (ITS) continues to look for ways to aid staff and students alike. Learning and working from home can disconnect our staff and students from the campus experience, as well as the campus aid that is normally ready and able to help.

When the pandemic displaced FSU staff in March 2020, finding a suitable technology replacement for the complex hardware and landlines used by university help desks was a priority. During the initial lockdown in March, staff working remotely were unable to respond to customer phone calls from home due to a lack of hardware. ITS saw an opportunity to change the current call center system from the outdated office space specially equipped with hardware and sought to bring in a cloud-based solution.

The university’s new FSU Contact Center, powered by RingCentral, allows help desks across the university to work as remote contact centers. The cloud-based solution gives FSU help desks and departments the flexibility to help customers quickly and efficiently from any location, including employee homes. This new technology will help university help desks better manage incoming calls.

“Over the past week we've been working with the contact center and RingCentral. It has been, overall, a large improvement over [the legacy system]. Our logs, reporting and features are vastly improved.” - Irvin Butts, Interim Support Manager, Office of Distance Learning

Staff operating phone lines across the university are now able to offer help from wherever they are stationed. The new contact center service is currently being used by the ITS Service Desk and College of Medicine. As the new system rolls out to campus and becomes widely accessible, departments will be able to offer a modern contact center experience from anywhere. Calling the campus help desk of your choice will continue as normal, but behind the scenes, staff will now be able to remain remote and field calls from the cloud.

Learning and working from home has its pros and cons, but maintaining the quality of the FSU customer service experience is non-negotiable and has driven ITS to find solutions for the university community. The new cloud-based contact center system enables staff to continue to be safe working from home while still providing excellent services to our students, faculty, staff and the entire FSU community.