FSU Launches myFSU Student Central

Thursday 03/07/2013

myFSU Student Central is Florida State University’s new comprehensive, integrated student information system. The web-based system manages all student academic, financial and personal information, and it has been rolling-out in phases since late last fall. The system recently opened to students for Fall 2013 class search, registration and financial aid, and will see heavy usage in the coming weeks.

Several more myFSU Student Central modules are scheduled to come online during the next nine months:

  • July 2013 – Student Financial Services
  • December 2013 – Grades
  • January 2014 – Admissions

Also, on March 4, FSU launched the student version of myFSU portal, the new personal gateway to important online tools at FSU. Through myFSU portal, students can now manage their personal information, access quick links to important FSU sites and connect to myFSU Student Central. A portal community for employees is scheduled to launch in the coming months. From here, employees will be able to easily access and manage human resources and personal information. Faculty will have added functionality in the system with course management tools and dashboards.

Associate Director of Portal Systems Kyle Gower-Winter explains the phased launch of myFSU portal. "In an effort to target and recognize each community on campus individually, we will be rolling out first to students and then to employees. Our goal is to keep our attentions focused on the user experience and make sure we create a seamless transition for all FSU users as we move from the legacy system to the new Student Central enterprise system."

If you’re curious to learn more about myFSU Student Central, visit the project website at sc.my.fsu.edu. Here you will find detailed training materials, FAQs and more on navigating the new system.