FSU kicks off ‘Game Day’ cybersecurity game

Friday 09/28/2018

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and Florida State University is kicking off a football-themed game to encourage online safety.

Cyber Bowl is an online game designed to test students’ and employees’ defense against cyberthreats. Players take the field and battle their way through 10 challenging questions to find out if they bring home the cybersecurity championship or end up on the blooper reel.

“If there’s one thing Tallahassee loves, it’s football,” says Bill Hunkapiller, information security and privacy director. “We wanted to take that piece of FSU culture and use it to get people thinking about cybersecurity in a fun and engaging way.”

Cyber Bowl runs October 1-18 and is open to all current FSU students and employees. All players are entered into a grand prize drawing. Students have the chance to win one of two $500 tuition scholarships, and employees can score a Dell XPS 13 laptop or two tickets to the FSU vs. Boston College football game.

In addition to the online game, Information Technology Services (ITS) is sponsoring several training sessions during October to focus on topics such as basic cybersecurity and disaster recovery tactics, as well as two special sessions by industry experts—Securing Your Data in the Cloud (Cisco) and 21st Century Cybersecurity (Cisco).

To play Cyber Bowl or find out about other cybersecurity events this month, visit its.fsu.edu/cybersecurity.