Free Subscriptions to Microsoft® Office 365 for Students

Monday 03/17/2014

Class reports, group presentations, thesis research.

We know school keeps you on your toes with class assignments and to-do lists. To make it easier, now you can enjoy a FREE subscription to Microsoft® Office while you’re a student at Florida State University.

The new service from Information Technology Services (ITS) enables all current students – anyone who’s taken classes within the previous two semesters and hasn’t yet graduated – to access the full version of Microsoft® Office 365 ProPlus for free through the Microsoft® Student Advantage program.

“Having access to the Microsoft® tools will help students be successful while at Florida State and also help prepare them to be sought-after employees in today’s competitive workforce,” states ITS Associate Vice President and CIO, Michael Barrett.

With the free subscription, students can install Microsoft® Office through their myFSU email account. Installation is easy, and will only take a few minutes using the installation guides found on the Microsoft® Office 365 ProPlus website.

Depending on the operating system, students will be able to install up to eight applications: Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, OneNote®, Access®, Publisher®, Outlook® and InfoPath®. Each application is available for online and offline use. Installations on up to five computers – PC or Mac – and up to five Android or iPhone mobile devices mean more flexibility to access the applications from multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. And in addition to saving money ($144 per year, to be exact), students will also receive automatic updates.

Once a student graduates or becomes inactive, the subscription will expire and all applications will convert to a read only mode. This means that files can still be accessed, but won’t be editable unless a new Microsoft® Office subscription is purchased.

To learn more about free subscriptions to Microsoft® Office, visit the ITS Microsoft® Office 365 ProPlus Web page or call the ITS Service Desk at 850-644-HELP.