Flex Tech Guide

Monday 05/10/2021

Power up that office monitor and dust off the keyboard.

As many of us get ready to return to campus after working remotely for months, there are several technology matters to consider.

How long will it take to install computer updates? Can I use my personal computer? What happened to my voicemail?

Read through the tips below to ensure your technology is ready to support your return to campus.

Computer Updates
Computers that have been turned off or used off campus for several months may need time to transition by allowing updates to be installed on the FSU network. Before you officially return to campus to work, consider setting aside time to go to your office, connect to an FSU network and sign in to your computer to allow time for updates to run. Updates and system checks may take several hours, and devices will need to restart.

If you reset your password during the last year, use your new password to connect to university Wi-Fi. Follow these instructions to troubleshoot any issues and reconnect to campus Wi-Fi with your new password when you return. How to Update Wi-Fi Password

The university voicemail system had a major upgrade in early 2021, and all voicemail passwords were reset. The first time you access your voicemail when you return, follow the prompts to sign in using the temporary password listed below and reset it to a password of your choosing. How to Select Voicemail Password
Voicemail Temporary Password: 6245

Visit the ITS Flex Tech webpage for more technology recommendations to support working from alternate locations.