Email filtering protects FSU against phishing and ransomware

Tuesday 09/11/2018

We can all get a little click happy at times. That’s why Information Technology Services supports several email filtering services, such as Proofpoint, to help protect you from phishing, ransomware and other malicious email attacks. Here’s how it works: Proofpoint scans incoming emails, links and attachments to official FSU email accounts. Messages containing malicious attachments will be blocked, and messages with embedded URLs will be rewritten with a new Proofpoint URL that starts with: This way, if you accidentally click a malicious link, a notice will appear letting you know the website has been blocked. While the new service won’t catch 100% of malicious emails (as always, if something seems suspicious, DON’T CLICK!), it will greatly increase the chances that the email attachments and websites you open are safe.

Find out more about Proofpoint by visiting the ITS email filtering webpage.