Designated conference call lines available to university departments

Friday 12/01/2017

Instead of contacting ITS each time a conference call line is needed, departments can now set up their own designated Meet Me conference call line that can be used to schedule calls at their leisure, 24/7, no reservations required. The line is toll-free and can accommodate up to 150 participants, making it a great option for large group discussions or presentations. Calls can be made from anywhere, including internationally, and can be easily managed with touch-tone commands for roll call, recordings and more.

To set up a Meet Me conference account, simply submit a one-time request to ITS for a conference call line. Within one business day you will receive a department-specific conference call number and passcodes to begin scheduling calls.

Employees with VoIP phones also have access to Six-Way conference calling. This service allows any employee to add up to five other individuals to a line without setting up a conference call, which is perfect for small group or spur-of-the-moment discussions.

To find out more, visit the conference calling webpage.