Cybersecurity Boot Camp Report

Monday 11/04/2019

Now that the Cybersecurity Boot Camp campaign is over, how did our recruits do?  

Noles answered the call and came out in droves to help ensure FSU remains secure. Thirty-four hundred people signed and shared the Cyber Pledge, 150 people attended a cybersecurity training session and more than 1,000 recruits stopped by our cybersecurity pop-up tent on location on Landis Green and at the College of Engineering. Thank you to every FSU soldier that answered the call to help protect FSU in the fight against cyberthreats.  

We are also excited to announce our giveaway winners for the 2019 Cybersecurity Boot Camp campaign!  

Our student winners for the four $500 tuition scholarships are:  

  1. Winner 1 – Deja Austin  

  1. Winner 2 – Stephanie Immekus  

  1. Winner 3 – Kristy Rodrigez  

  1. Winner 4 – Jaelynn Florence  

Our employee winners of the 32GB iPad and FSU football tickets are: 

  1. iPad Winner - Brad Rohrer   

  1. Football Ticket Winner – Rachel Thursby  

But don’t stop being a responsible cybercitizen just because boot camp is over. Follow @floridastateITS on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for cybersecurity news and tips to stay secure online all year long.