Create short URLs for Florida State Web pages

Friday 02/14/2014

Tired of links that look like this?

Start using Information Technology Service’s URL shortening service (URLSS). The new service makes it easy to create a short URL, or link, for any official Florida State University Web page – such as or This means no more ugly URLs taking up three lines in your emails or other messages. (We turned the link above into:

The URLSS, powered by Bitly, is easy to use and available to everyone. Just follow the simple steps at

All Florida State links pasted into the URLSS automatically return a shortened<randomcharacters> URL, thereby branding the link and making it easy to remember. Once a URL is created, you can copy and paste the link anywhere and use it again and again.

Short URLs are especially useful in places with limited space for text, such as social media sites (think Twitter and its 140-character limit), or anywhere you want to clean up long links, such as emails or marketing posters and brochures.

Get started at, and say goodbye to ugly URLs.

For more information, call the ITS Service Desk at 850-644-HELP or visit the ITS URLSS Web page.