Collaborate in real-time with Skype for Business (Lync)

Wednesday 06/17/2015

Connect, communicate and collaborate with the click of a button. It’s that simple.

Skype for Business lets you connect with colleagues instantly. The new service, also known as Lync on Mac and mobile devices, is offered by Information Technology Services. It is available to all Florida State University employees and brings together the different ways you communicate in an easy-to-use tool. With instant messaging, audio calls, video calls, Web conferencing and desktop sharing, you can communicate and collaborate with colleagues in real-time, at work and on the go.

Have a question for a contact in another department? Send them a quick instant message. Working on a presentation with a colleague across campus? Share your desktop and work on the presentation together. No time to get the team together for a meeting? Set up a quick Web conference and eliminate time spent driving around campus.

“We’re all trying to find ways to fit more in our day,” explains Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer Michael Barrett. “Being able to collaborate with anyone on campus with the click of a button will help us communicate more effectively and efficiently and make the most of our time.”

From one-on-one conversations to group chats, Skype for Business provides a single, easy-to-use interface for messaging, audio and video calls, making it easy to work with team members, share information and make decisions in real-time. With one click, you can send an instant message or start a quick audio call with any employee on campus. With another click, you can set up a Web conference and use simple presentation tools—such as screen sharing, virtual whiteboards and polls—to keep everyone engaged and on the same page.

“Skype for Business has improved our communication by providing a tool that offers capabilities beyond email and phone calls,” explains John Hornbuckle, Director of Information Technology for the College of Business. “We frequently use the instant messaging functionality to get quick answers to questions.”

And with mobility, you’re not tied to your computer. Download the Lync 2013 mobile app to stay connected on the go, or access the Web app through any Internet browser.

For more information about Skype for Business, visit /SkypeForBusiness.