Changes to Password Reset Policy at Florida State University

Friday 03/10/2017

Florida State University is changing its password reset policy. To make the transition, FSU is requiring a mandatory password reset for all individuals with an FSUID, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, guests and delegates. This initial password reset will occur in waves over the next two months. Individuals will be prompted on the myFSU sign in screen when it is time to change their password. Once prompted, individuals will have two weeks to reset their password and update it on all their mobile devices, or their current password will expire and they will be prompted to change it the next time they attempt to sign in. As part of the new password reset policy, individuals will also be prompted to change their password every 180 days, rather than keeping one password forever. These changes, albeit a small inconvenience, will increase account security.

Find out more about password requirements at FSU by visiting the ITS Account Management webpage.