Access SPSS from anywhere

Tuesday 06/30/2020

Utilized in many research projects and courses, IBM’s SPSS statistical analysis software helps manage the entire statistical analysis process, from data collection to analysis to reporting. With increases in remote learning, accessing SPSS at home has become a necessity. FSU users can now download SPSS on one device at home through the ITS Software Store for personal use. With their unique code, FSU users have access for one year, meaning there is no longer a need to be connected to the FSU network to get the work you need to get done, done.

At-home use of IBM’s SPSS software is available for both SPSS Statistics 26 and SPSS Amos 26 and can be downloaded on one personal device. Make sure you keep your unique key in a safe place where you can reference it.

Please note, department’s will still need to go through the regular license manager to install SPSS on FSU-owned devices.

Visit the ITS Software Store to download SPSS.