10 tips to keep you safe online

Wednesday 10/17/2018



That’s how many personal records were exposed to cybercriminals last year. (Identity Theft Resource Center)

Cyber statistics can be harrowing, but if you follow some basic steps to protect your personal information and FSU data, you don’t have to become a number. For starters, here's a short list of simple things you can do every day to protect yourself from cyberattacks.

  • Watch out for phishing emails and always think before you click
  • Create unique and strong passwords, opting for length over complexity
  • Look for the padlock icon and letters “https” to know if a website is secure
  • Factory reset old phones and mobile devices before getting rid of them
  • Always review the settings and location services for new apps and adjust as needed
  • Regularly back up your files to external or cloud storage
  • Be careful not to accept friend requests from spoofed accounts
  • Use a secure network for sensitive browsing, such as online shopping
  • Make sure your antivirus and firewall protection is up to date and turned on
  • Routinely check and adjust privacy settings for your social media accounts

For more cybersecurity tips and training, visit its.fsu.edu/ispo/training/education.