Our values define every aspect of who we are as an organization. They drive our decisions and shape our teams. They push us every day to work together to create customer-centric solutions that support the growth and ingenuity of Florida State University.

Transformative Daring | We support thoughtful risk-taking that leads to successes that improve our world dramatically. And when we face challenges, we confront them with resilience, curiosity, and renewed desire to overcome hurdles to our goals.

Inspired Excellence | We achieve the highest levels of success by drawing strength and understanding from the talents of those around us and from our interactions with them.

Dynamic Inclusiveness | We believe the benefits of a richly varied community arise not only from the diversity of people it includes, but more importantly from intentional efforts to create a strong sense of belonging that encourages deep and high-quality connections.

Responsible Stewardship | We transform the resources we are given and the public’s trust in us into powerful impact that betters the lives of those around us, near and far.

Engaged Community | We uphold the traditions and history that create a small-college culture within a large university. This makes FSU a welcoming place where people discover others like themselves—while also connecting to and learning from classmates and colleagues of vastly different backgrounds and experiences.

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