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The 2019 Voice of the Community campaign sought to appreciate the current climate towards Information Technology Services, articulate expectations of technology used throughout Florida State University and communicate to the students, faculty and staff we serve that we are listening and care about their perceptions of our organization.

The results were compiled after talking with 125 university community members through 35 impromptu interviews and 27 listening sessions. The feedback was invaluable, and the findings can be explored below.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the campaign and let their voice be heard.

Didn’t get a chance to share your thoughts? It’s not too late. Tell us what you need. We are still listening.

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Project Team

The VOC project team included members from across ITS as well as external stakeholders:

Megan Del Debbio, Marketing Communications
Rebekah Dorn, User Experience
Anne Hall, User Experience
Suzanne Kane, Service Desk
Sarah Mahler, Campus Solutions
Sara Mischler, User Experience
Sarah Monbarren, Project Management
Alex Morales, Computing Technology Services
Adam O’Neill, Congress of Graduate Students*
Monica Ragans, User Experience
Sydney Royer, Marketing Communications
Kathryn Wilkes, User Experience
Jay Willoughby, Classroom Technology Support
Jillian Volpe White, Division of Student Affairs’ Research*

*external stakeholder

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