Assessment Process

The assessment process follows a standard review sequence. This sequence may be altered based on the scale of the review and when the Technology Assessment team is brought into the evaluation process. Early engagement with the Technology Assessment team will deliver the best outcomes and a more efficient process. The Technology Assessment team is ready to assist you right from the initiation stage of your project.

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When considering purchasing or updating an information system, please complete the assessment form to initiate the Technology Assessment process. If you have questions about completing the form or require additional support, please contact

Please review the following resources prior to your assessment process:

These will enable you to better prepare for some of the questions asked in the assessment form and during the review process.


A team member will contact you after submission to ask follow-up questions where necessary and schedule a time to meet with the Technical Architecture Committee. This meeting will be synchronous and involve a short presentation of the desired change and a question and answer session regarding the specifics of the change. Your presence during the evaluation is important to ensure a timely and accurate recommendation. Due to size or complexity, some submissions may require multiple meetings or additional follow-up before the Technical Architecture Committee can reach a recommendation.


The assessment process results in a recommendation about the requested change, which may be to adopt the proposed change, potentially with modifications, or to use or expand a pre-existing solution.

Keep in mind the recommendation only covers the context of its technical appropriateness for the University. You may need to consult additional parties, such as Purchasing, ahead of adoption.

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