The following six priorities will guide the direction and culture of ITS. Ultimately, by improving teamwork and processes within ITS, we aim to better serve the university community and provide the best possible customer experience.

  1. Be a strategic partner to FSU organizations and departments
    • Align ITS with FSU mission, vision, values and goals
    • Establish and grow a relationship management discipline to improve collaboration
    • Build on the success of ITAPP
    • Demonstrate and communicate value to the university
  2. Advance FSU strategic initiatives
    • Implement strategies designed to improve cybersecurity posture across university
    • Improve research technology support across FSU
    • Establish foundational CRM capabilities for the university
    • Improve efficacy of university applications and systems
  3. Improve ITS Service Delivery
    • Create a clear and integrated intake experience
    • Mature processes for service, program, project and change management
    • Build a communication capability to ensure two-way engagement with our colleagues
  4. Enhance ITS Team capabilities
    • Build a program to support professional development opportunities for ITS workforce
    • Improve organizational design to achieve greater impact across functions
    • Communicate organizational values, goals and desired behaviors
  5. Develop a model for continuous improvement
    • Enhance consultation, prioritization and transparency as we partner to deliver solutions to stakeholders
    • Create a technical architecture process
    • Establish and maintain an annual planning cycle with stakeholders and campus partners
    • Work with university leaders and IT professionals to drive efficiencies and cost savings for technology spend across the university
  6. Establish and adopt a sustainable financial model
    • Align common good services with a sustainable funding model
    • Rationalize the chargeback model for ITS services
    • Develop a service costing reporting capability
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