2FA Timeline

Below is a list of FSU departments and the dates 2FA will be activated for department employees. Scan the list to see when your department is scheduled.

Department Start DateĀ  End Date
College of Education 8-Sep 11-Sep
College of Criminology 21-Sep 21-Sep
College of Law 21-Sep 21-Sep
Information Technology Service 21-Sep 21-Sep
Institute of Science and Public Affairs 21-Sep 21-Sep
Center for Global Engagement 21-Sep 21-Sep
Center for Leadership and Social Change 21-Sep 21-Sep
University Advancement 21-Sep 21-Sep
Center for Academic and Professional Development 22-Sep 22-Sep
Moran College Entrepreneurship 22-Sep 22-Sep
Panama City Campus 22-Sep 22-Sep
Athletics 22-Sep 22-Sep
General Counsel 22-Sep 22-Sep
Inspector General Services 22-Sep 22-Sep
Career Center 22-Sep 22-Sep
College of Business 23-Sep 23-Sep
College of Nursing 23-Sep 23-Sep
College of Social Work 23-Sep 23-Sep
Dedman School of Hospitality 23-Sep 23-Sep
Institutional Research 23-Sep 23-Sep
International Programs 23-Sep 23-Sep
Learning Systems Institute 23-Sep 23-Sep
Northwest Regional Data Center 23-Sep 23-Sep
Ringling Center for Cultural Arts 23-Sep 23-Sep
The Graduate School 23-Sep 23-Sep
Dean of Students 23-Sep 23-Sep
Campus Recreation 24-Sep 24-Sep
University Counseling Center 24-Sep 24-Sep
University Health Services 24-Sep 24-Sep
College of Medicine 28-Sep 29-Sep
College of Motion Picture Arts 30-Sep 30-Sep
Office of the President 30-Sep 30-Sep
Office of Research 30-Sep 30-Sep
Division of Student Affairs 30-Sep 30-Sep
Undergraduate Studies 1-Oct 1-Oct
College of Communication and Information 5-Oct 5-Oct
College of Engineering 5-Oct 5-Oct
Enrollment Management Financial Aid 5-Oct 5-Oct
College of Human Sciences 6-Oct 6-Oct
Enrollment Management Admissions and Registrar 6-Oct 6-Oct
Office of Distance Learning 6-Oct 6-Oct
Office of the Provost 6-Oct 6-Oct
Oglesby Union 6-Oct 6-Oct
Student Activities and Organizations 6-Oct 6-Oct
Student Government Association 6-Oct 6-Oct
Strozier Library 7-Oct 7-Oct
Human Resources 7-Oct 7-Oct
Public Safety 7-Oct 7-Oct
Finance and Administration 7-Oct 7-Oct
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory 7-Oct 7-Oct
College of Education (FSUS) 7-Oct 7-Oct
University Housing 8-Oct 8-Oct
College of Social Science and Public Policy 12-Oct 12-Oct
College of Music 13-Oct 13-Oct
College of Fine Arts 14-Oct 14-Oct
Facilities 15-Oct 15-Oct
Financial Services 15-Oct 15-Oct
College of Arts and Sciences 19-Oct 29-Oct
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