Multi-Step Verification


Multi-step verification, also known as multi-factor authentication, is an extra layer of security designed to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. It requires you to have multiple items-your password and your phone or mobile device-to access sensitive information on select pages within OMNI HR and Student Central.

We all have passwords. But what if someone steals your password? Anyone could access your accounts! That's where multi-step verification comes in. With multi-step verification, you verify your identity in more than one way, with something you know-your password-and with something you have-your phone/mobile device.

How it Works

Multi-step verification is easy to use. The process is intuitive, with step-by-step instructions each time you land on a protected page, such as the Personal Information section in OMNI HR: Instructions

Register Your Devices

To get started, you will need to register one or more (we recommend at least two) of the following devices:

  • Cellphone
  • Tablet
  • Landline

It's easy to enroll more devices or manage already enrolled devices. You can do so by accessing the Personal Information section in OMNI HR. Here are some tutorials to help you:

Download the App

We highly recommend installing the Duo Mobile app for quick, one-tap verification.

Set up Duo mobile



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