Server Hosting


ITS can provide server space for departmental physical servers in the Sliger Data Center located in Innovation Park. Alternatively, ITS offers a virtual server offering at a price which is likely less than the cost for individual server hardware. In particular, if a server is nearing the end of its useful life, we suggest departments investigate this option as a more cost-effective option than continuing to buy individual stand-alone servers.

Virtual Server Hosting

ITS offers virtual server hosting for departments. ITS' virtual machine service is a cost effective alternative to operating a departmental server and includes storage and backup services. Virtual Server hosts are provided utilizing clustered enterprise class servers running the VMware/ESX virtualization suite. Virtual server host services include basic operating system installation (Windows or Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and patches as well as local and offsite backups. Customers are responsible for their own application installation, configuration, and management.


Features of the ITS virtual server hosting service include:


  • ITS provisions the virtual machine with the memory, CPU, and disk space configuration requested by the customer.
  • ITS will put the base operating system (versions of Microsoft Windows or Red Hat Enterprise Linux) on the VM (virtual machine).
  • ITS will configure network on the VM and provide basic user access to the system.
  • For Windows hosts on the enterprise AD, ITS will apply monthly Microsoft patches.
  • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts, ITS will assist the customer with configuring Red Hat updates.
  • The customer is responsible for their own applications - installation, configuration, management, and security.
  • Local and offsite copies of file system backups are included in the service. Customers with databases on their hosts need to configure their own database backups. If those backups are written to the local file system, they will be included in the ITS provided file system backups.


Pricing for virtual servers varies based on configuration of the virtual machine. The rate structure is as follows:

$2.58 per vCPU per month

$17.17 per GB memory per month

$0.29 per GB disk per month

Please contact for a specific quote for your needs or to discuss the service offering in more detail.



Physical Server Hosting

ITS offers physical server hosting. Departments can utilize ITS' enterprise data center to house their own servers, taking advantage of the redundant power and cooling systems at the data center.

Features of the ITS physical server hosting service include:

  • Departments relocate their servers into the ITS server space. Nothing else changes, just the location of the servers. They continue to be supported by the departmental IT staff. Space is limited, so departments that have space-efficient servers (e.g., rack mounted) will be a better "fit" than standalone or desktop systems. The servers will benefit from redundant power (UPS and generator), cooling, and network connections within the Sliger Data Center. The cost to move depends on the size and configuration of the department's servers.
  • Departmental IT staff would have 24 by 7 access to their systems via an FSUCard swipe security system and enjoy secure network access to the consoles of their servers via an IP-based KVM switch.
  • Through the power of VLANs and the high speed (10 Gb) FSU backbone, departmental servers can be configured to be integrated with the department network (and not visible to others outside the department). Departments would contract with ITS Networking Services directly for their server network ports.

For more details, contact Mitch Gans at 644-8555 or