Android Exchange Setup

NOTE: Different manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc) may use a different method to access these settings. This guide is written using the stock Google Android OS (version 5.0).

1.) On the home screen, open the application drawer and find the icon for Settings  
2.) From the Settings screen, scroll down to the Accounts heading and tap Add Account, then Corporate or Exchange. On some versions of Android this may be inside a menu option named Accounts or Accounts & Sync. Step2
3.) Enter your FSUID in the form of - click to the next step and you will be asked to enter the same password you use for your email. IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if your FSUID does not match your primary email address you MUST use the format Step3
4.) The Server field may show "," change it to - no other fields should require changes. If you have a Domain field, most phones will require that it be blank - if you follow these instructions and are unable to connect, try inputting or\ in the Domain field. Step4
5.) Your device will notify you of the permissions you are required to give in order to use an Exchange account on the device. Agree to these permissions and continue. Step5 Step5_2
6.) The sync frequency setting allows you to change how often you receive messages from this inbox on your device. The Push setting means that you will receive emails on your device as soon as they arrive in the inbox, rather than checking the inbox and downloading messages at regular intervals. Step6
NOTE: You may have to delete a previous Exchange account to add a new one. You may do this by clicking the menu button on your device or the three-dot menu button on the screen and selecting remove account. RemoveAccount