Connect To Television

1. Make sure you have enough cable wire to run from the wall to the back of the TV.
2. Locate the cable outlet on the wall. In most halls, it is near the front door.
A) In older halls, look for a wire coming down the wall from the ceiling into a box. The connection will be on the bottom of the box which is about knee high.
B) In newer renovated halls, look for a face plate higher on the wall with the connection on the front. There will be no wire running down the wall with this type of connection. Note: The connection may be behind a bed, refrigerator or dresser.
Once the cable outlet is located, firmly connect your cable wire into the port in the back of your television and also to the cable connector on the wall. Note: Do not tighten the cable wire with a wrench or pliers.
3. If you are also using a VCR/DVD, connect your cable wire from the VCR/DVD to cable outlet, and with a separate wire connect your VCR/DVD to your TV set.
4. Remember, that every television is different. Refer first to your owner's manual with questions regarding cable connections.


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