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The following is a list of standards to which eZ Publish adheres:

  • W3C WAI is an accessibility standard designed by the World Wide

Web Consortium. Organizations and governmental agencies often

make it a requirement for their Web sites. eZ Publish conforms to the

accessibility standard “Section 508”, which ensures that your Web site

is accessible to people with disabilities.

  • eZ Publish produces XHTML adhering to the W3C XHTML 1.0

transitional standard, considered the authoritative standard for Web

site publishing.

  • eZ Publish supports the LDAP standard for synchronizing with extant

directories. For example, you can use an existing user base for eZ

Publish login authentication, and avoid re-populating your list of


  • eZ Publish natively supports UNICODE via UTF-8 character encoding.

You can have multi-lingual sites without needing different character

sets for each language. This is an industry standard for multilingual


  • With RSS, a visitor or customer can subscribe to site updates (such as

a list of new products or new articles), then have that list delivered

directly to their desktop in an RSS client application. eZ Publish

provides a powerful RSS module that allows editors to create feeds

from anywhere in the content hierarchy or syndicate RSS content

from other sites. This allows for better and quicker communication

with customers via Web 2.0 communication mechanisms.

  • Recently, the industry decided to define a standard for interoperability

between CMS repositories, called CMIS, and while it is still in beta

stages, it promises easy integration between various systems. eZ

Publish embraced this standard starting with eZ Publish 4.2, and will

certainly significantly extend support for this standard in the next

development stage.

  • Despite being an inflated term, "Web service" has become a reality

thanks to native support in eZ Publish for the SOAP and REST

commercial communication protocols.