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Image Folder & File Folder

Your CMS site is initially divided into three sections, the Frontpage, the Images Folder and the Files Folder. You will also have access to a shared folder called ALL - Common Shared Graphics. Please go to Frontpage under Content Classes for more information on this section.

Images Folder

Your sites Image Folder is located in the left menu under the Images folder, which is under the Media library tab. Initially, there are two folders within your sites Image Folder, General Images and Supergraphics. You may also create other folders for you images in this area.


In the General Images folder or any other folders that you create under your sites Image Folder, store all of you departments images. To do this, select the Image class from the drop-down menu and upload your image into the Image object.


In the Supergraphics folder, store all banner images for secondary pages. Any image that you place in this folder must be 795 pixels wide and should not exceed 245 pixels high. When you go to a secondary page, one of the images in the Supergraphics folder will be randomly selected and placed at the top of your page. If you would like a specific banner on a page, rather than a randomly selected one, then you will have to create a Banner object and place it in the corresponding folder for that page.


ALL - Common Shared Graphics folder

In the All-Common Shared Graphics folder, under the Supergraphics folder, banner images are stored for all departments to use.


If you would like to use a banner in this folder, you will need to add a location to your Supergraphics folder. You may also store any other images that you would like to share with other departments in ALL-Common Shared Graphics folder.


Files Folder

Your sites Files Folder is located in the left menu under the Files folder, which is under the Media Library tab. Use this area to store files like .pdf's and Word documents.To do this, select the File class from the drop-down menu and upload your file into the File object.