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Each website homepage is created using the Frontpage class, which the ITS Web Design team will create for you. This class gives you more control with how content is displayed on the site because of the ability you have to create a one, two, or three column format.

How the Frontpage Object is Displayed

Your site's Frontpage is located in the left menu, under the Content structure tab. Here, you can add content to your Frontpage and Content Classes from the drop-down menu.


The most commonly used Content Classes under the Frontpage are the Folder, Banner, Image, File, Link, Quicklinks, Footer, Infobox and Info Page. Please go to Content Classes for a complete listing of the classes.


Below is an example of a Folder object under a Frontpage, circled in red, and how this correlates to the rendered webpage.The other sub items located under this Frontpage are an Info Page object, circled in blue, and a Link object, circled in green.These are the only three Classes that can be viewed in the website navigation.


Defining a Frontpage Object

Several attributes must be filled out in the Object edit interface to define a Frontpage object:


The Name is a required attribute, that will already be defined by the ITS Web Design team with your sites name. Please, do NOT change the name in this attribute. If you change the name, it will break the site. It identifies the Frontpage object in the Administration Interface and the breadcrumbs.

Left Column

If there is no text or content in the Left column, the text in the Center column will override this column and stretch across the page. If there is no text in the other columns,

Center Column

This is where the main content of the page usually goes. If there is not text in the other columns, this content will stretch across the page.

Right Column

If there is no text or content in the Right column, the text in the Center column will override this column and stretch across the page.

Bottom Column

If text or context is added to the Bottom column, it will stretch across the bottom of the page, underneath the content from the columns above.

Reset Left Navigation Depth

Use this attribute to reset the depth of the left navigation. Check this box if there is a Frontpage object within a Frontpage object and you wish for the second level Frontpage to have it's own left navigation appear on the site.


Once the object is defined, choose one of the following: Send for publishing to publish the content, Store draft to store the updated version as a draft without publishing it, or Discard draft if you do not want to save the changes to your draft.