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Administration Interface Overview

The Administration Interface is the advanced back-end interface, providing powerful tools for content management and editing as well as site management, configuration, customization and development. What makes the Administration Interface more advanced is not only what it enables you to do, but the interface itself. The visual presentation of content is stripped down, with all design elements, layout and styling pertaining to the public siteaccess removed. The Administration Interface, does however, have its own layout, but it is restricted to structural organization of content, with navigation menus, access to management operations and special-purpose embedded interfaces (to manage content versions or create new user accounts, for example).

The Administration Interface contains multiple windows, interfaces and tabs. There are seven distinct areas in the interface that are illustrated in the screenshot and explained below. When you log in, the Administration Interface defaults to the Dashboard page. The Dashboard is the users personal area. This area gives access to miscellaneous elements and interfaces that belong to the user who is currently logged in.

  1. The main menu is a collection of tabs for selecting which part of the system you want to access and manage.
  2. The path shows the location of the current page within the content hierarchy, regardless of the current activity.
  3. The secondary (left) menu provides access to content and interfaces that are associated with the current tab.
  4. The main area displays the actual content and interfaces that are associated with the current action. This is where most of the work is done.
  5. The sub items area displays the sub-pages, folders, forums and other objects that are connected to the content, media or user objects you are working on.
  6. The collapsible right menu displays information specific to the user who is currently logged in, including the Bookmarks window. Click the button with the angel quotes shown in the print screen below to expand/collapse the menu.
  7. The search interface is located in the upper right corner and can be used to find information on the system.



For a detailed description of the Administration Interface, please go to the following links: