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Benefits of Using a Centralized Web CMS

Content Owners Can Be Responsible for Updates
Using a Web CMS allows content owners to make their own web page updates, thereby relieving the webmaster of this burden. Content owners can be nontechnical and limited to directories or pages within a site. This includes, but is not limited to, updating flash banners, images and text.  This will free up resources of more technical staff, who will have more time for more complex web design activities.

Lowered Costs
Centrally supported Web CMS should be lower due to economies of scale in IT resources allowing smaller departments to have an easily managed web presence. The result should also be more reliability and security due to specialization of central IT staff.  Staff moving from one department to another can use their Web CMS skills in their new department.

Coherence of Web Presence
Florida State University is looking to see that all departmental web pages will work together to appear as one website and as a result avoid confusion to a web surfer going from departmental page to departmental page. With more centrally maintained templates, the Web CMS will enable smaller units to create and maintain their won sites and content without having an internal design staff.  With newer templates being developed, newer options can be made available to smaller departments.

Calendaring System
The centralized events calendar system will allows posting of university-wide calendar events. Being able to upload or download calendars (ICS) will allow departments to update their calendars and allow the university community to download or sync selected university calendars.  A widget is available to bring your unit calendar on your webpages.

Future Design Changes
At some point, the university will once again decide to change the look and feel of its web presence. When this happens, the Web CMS sites can be changed quickly with redesign of the templates only, leaving the navigation and content for each departmental page in place.  ITS will also plan for a mobile friendly template where your site will be viewable on phones and tablets with such a design change.