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Campus WiFi

FSU Campus WiFi is the wireless canopy offering convenient, widely available, high-speed wireless network access to the University community. 

In October 2004, FSU began its wireless initiative that would give network flexibility and mobility to University faculty, staff, and students. Present day, the FSU Campus WiFi has expanded outdoor coverage that includes most campus common and high traffic areas, as well as indoor availability in many University colleges, departments, and select residence halls.

Based on 802.11a/b/g/n technology, the FSU Campus WiFi network is constantly being expanded and improved to meet changing demands.

To connect to the FSU Campus WiFi, a user must have an FSUID (or Guest FSUID) username and password, or University Wireless Token.


FSUSecure is the enhanced campus wireless network released in early 2010. The technology behind FSUSecure provides an encrypted wireless connection, automatic login after initial setup, and greater mobility to stay connected when roaming around campus. Unlike FSUWIN, you can connect multiple devices at the same time. This service is only available to FSU Employees and Students and must be configured within the device.


Instituted in 2004, FSUWIN is Florida State University’s original wireless network providing convenient access to the campus network and internet resources. Although the service is available to employee and students, FSUWIN allows guest access through the use of Wireless Tokens or Guest FSUIDs. To connect, users simply login through a browser sign-on authentication page, and does not require device configuration.


Introduced in 2014, eduroam offers Florida State University students, faculty, and staff access to a secure wireless network at thousands of universities across the globe. Eduroam also provides campus visitors from other participating institutions wireless access. A complete list of participating institutions can be found online at