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ITS Search

The entire ITS Web site can be searched by entering keywords in the ITS Search box at the upper right-hand corner of the ITS Web page. This searches all pages which comprise the ITS Web site and it is a good way to find content on the ITS Web site.

Service Catalog

The ITS Web site features a searchable service catalog containing over 100 services offered by ITS. Each service includes the service name, a brief description, and (optionally) links to related services, charges for the service (if any), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the service and a contact e-mail address. To access the Service Catalog, click on Service Catalog in the left-hand column of the ITS Web page.

Service Category - each service in the Service Catalog has been placed into one or more categories (Classroom Technology, Communications, Computing, Email, Network, Security, Software, Storage, Support Services, and Web Services). These categories are listed in the left-hand column of the ITS Web site (each is prefixed with a hyphen). Simply clicking on the service category will display the services that are specific to that category.

The ITS Service Catalog can be searched several ways after clicking on Service Catalog in the left hand column of the ITS Web page.

Scrolling - all of the services in the Service Catalog are listed alphabetically by name. You can scroll down the page to find services.

Alphabetically - simply click on the letter of the alphabet and you will be positioned to services that start with that letter in the Service Catalog. You can also scroll up or scroll down from this point.

Keywords - enter keywords in the Search Service Catalog box and press the search button. All services that satisfy the search criteria will be displayed.

Affiliation - by selecting your affiliation with the university (Student, Faculty, Staff,  or Department), services available to your affiliation will be displayed.