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PC Software

Software Package: Location
Applications Software Carothers Lab Union Lab
7-Zip File Manager yes yes
Adobe Acrobat Pro XI yes yes
Adobe Creative Suite 6 yes yes
Adobe Flash Plugin yes yes
Adobe Shockwave Plugin yes yes
CoreFTP yes yes
Earth's Dynamic Surface no yes
Eclipse Classic 4.2.1 yes yes
Explore the Planets no yes
FamilyGames Geography Tutors yes yes
GMAT Prep yes yes
Google Chrome 44 yes  yes 
Google Earth 7 yes yes
IDEA 9.1.1 yes yes
Java SDK 8 yes yes
JAWS 15 yes yes 
JMP Pro 12 yes yes
Komodo Edit 8 yes yes
LISREL 8.7 (college student edition) yes yes
MAGic 13 yes yes
Maple 18 yes yes
MATLAB 2014b CPC11-CPC15 only UPC11-UPC15 only
Mesquite yes  yes
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 yes yes
Microsoft Office 2013 yes  yes
Microsoft Visio 2010 yes yes
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 yes yes
Microsoft Windows Media Player yes yes
MMT SalesNet no UPC01-UPC06 only
Mozilla Firefox ESR 31.2 yes yes
Netbeans 8.0 yes yes
Notepad++ 6.8.1 yes yes
Owl and Mouse Map Puzzles yes yes
Plate Tectonics no yes
Populus 5.5 yes yes
Python 3.3 yes  yes 
Quicktime 7.7 yes yes
R Statistics 64 bit 3.2.1 yes yes
Rstudio 0.98 yes yes
Read & Write Gold 11 yes  yes 
SAS 9.4 yes via Virtual Lab yes via Virtual Lab
SCILAB 5.5.2 yes yes
Seterra Map Puzzles 2.8 yes yes
SPSS 22 yes via Virtual Lab yes via Virtual Lab
SSH 3.2.9 - Secure Shell Protocol yes yes
STATA 13 yes via Virtual Lab yes via Virtual Lab
VLC Media Player 2.2 yes yes
Wonders of Rocks and Minerals no yes
XMing X-Windows Client yes yes
Applications Software Carothers Lab Union Lab

 Updated August 25, 2015