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MAC Software

MAC Software Master List View the PC Software Master List

 Location Carothers
 Computer Model  12 iMac Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz  8 iMac Core-i5 2.7 GHz
 Operating System  Mac OS-X.6 "Snow Leopard"  Mac OS-X.8 "Mountain Lion"
Applications Software
Adobe CS6 Design Premium
* Acrobat X Professional yes yes
* Adobe Bridge CS6 yes yes
* Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 yes yes
* Adobe Extensions Manager CS6 yes yes
* Adobe Fireworks CS6 yes yes
* Adobe Flash CS6 yes yes
* Adobe Illustrator CS6 yes yes
* Adobe InDesign CS6 yes yes
* Adobe Media Encoder CS6 yes yes
* Adobe Photoshop CS6 yes yes
iLife '11
* iChat yes no
* iDVD yes no
* iMovie yes yes
* iPhoto yes yes
* iTunes yes yes
* iWeb yes yes
* Facetime no  yes 
* GarageBand yes yes
iWork '09
* Keynote yes yes
* Numbers yes yes
* Pages yes yes
Microsoft Office 2011
* Word 2011 yes yes
* Excel 2011 yes yes
* PowerPoint 2011 yes yes
* Communicator 2011 yes  yes 
Audacity yes yes
Blender yes no
Final Cut Express 4 yes no
Gretl yes yes
Graphic Converter yes no 
Laban Writer yes no 
MacClade yes yes 
Mesquite yes yes 
PAUP4 yes yes
"R" yes  no
Sketchpad for Geometry yes  no 
TextWrangler yes  yes 
Internet Software
Safari yes yes
FireFox yes yes
Google Chrome yes yes
Skype yes yes
CyberDuck yes yes
Dropbox yes no
RealOne Player yes yes
Quicktime yes yes
Silverlight yes yes
Windows Media Player yes no
Microsoft Messenger yes no
Yahoo! Messenger yes yes
System Software
Apple Remote Desktop 3 yes yes
Apple DVD Player yes no
Dashboard yes yes
Font Book yes yes
Front Row yes no
Messages no yes
Mission Control no yes
Photo Booth yes yes
Unix Terminal yes yes
X11 - XWindows yes yes
Built-in Cam/Mic yes yes
Optical Drive yes no
Scanner no no

 Updated May 2014